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Santa was so impressive he was exactly what I always imagined Santa would be like.

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The attention to detail and level of care that has gone into creating this magical environment is immediately apparent!

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FVSecret Santa.com

Right from the moment we walked through the door we were greeted with smiles and energy that just set the mood for the entire evening. The kids were in amazement from the first stop...

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The moment we stepped into the Tradex my son’s eyes rounded with amazement. Elaborate displays were set up everywhere for him to  go to and explore. The attention to detail is incredible with the displays.

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I wandered the magical land in awe, my attention split between finding the items on my Christmas Scavenger Hunt and waving to friendly, singing elves...

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Candace W

Thank you for such a family rich experience. We had a great time during our visit and look forward to making it an annual event.

Sharon G

Thanks everyone my 80 year old grandmother is still going on about how Santa sat down on a bench and talked to her, it just made her day

Vancouver Sun

If Santa Claus had a fan convention, this would be it!

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Ricky S

We had an AMAZING time once again - one of our favourite

Christmas activities to attend as a family


We all had a great experience and North Pole BC will definitely be a place we visit every year.

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This is one of the best family activities in Vancouver

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